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Family Law, Trusts, Estates, and Guardianship

Issues involving the family are often the most emotional and difficult legal issues for our clients. Whether they involve an ending marriage, the care of our children, the loss of a loved one, or caring for an elderly parent, you need an attorney you can trust who understands that personal issues require exceptional sensitivity to preserve your valued family relationships.

The Law Offices of Michael C. Adges can help with many family legal situations, including these:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Elder law
  • Trusts and estates
  • Guardianships

Divorce is possibly the most emotional family situation possible. So often, feelings of anger and desperation get in the way of achieving an equitable settlement when property needs to be divided and debts need to be addressed. New York requires an equitable division of property acquired during the marriage, also known as marital property, but the courts look at many factors when determining the property that is to be defined as marital property.
Michael C. Adges knows the aspects that the New York courts will consider when equitably dividing the property. He will help you to separate emotions from facts, and he will work with you to obtain the property details needed to achieve a fair settlement.

Child custody
When children are involved, divorces become even more emotional and complex. The New York courts look at such issues as child custody, child support, and visitation rights purely in terms of the best interests of the children.

Michael C. Adges will help negotiate a child custody agreement that will give your children the best mix of parental support. In situations where the original judgment needs to be altered, changing visitation schedules, custody, child support, or alimony, he will help you with post-decree amendment.

Elder law
Older people face many issues:

  • End-of-life decisions involving their estates, including wills and trusts
  • Long-term care arrangements, including in-home care
  • Medical directives and insurance coverage
  • Powers of attorney
  • Social Security benefits
  • Special home ownership situations such as establishing a reverse mortgage
  • Protection against elder abuse

Of course, this is just a partial list of all the legal issues that an elderly individual might face. Michael C. Adges will handle these important issues with the respect and sensitivity they deserve. He can also help elderly clients or their families identify other situations that must be addressed to ensure the best possible retirement years.

Trusts and estates
After working hard to ensure a good life for your family, you want to make sure your loved ones are protected if something happens to you. You need the experience of Michael C. Adges to set up your estate and take care of your loved ones. Even if your estate is complex, Mr. Adges knows how to ensure your property and assets are allocated as you want them to be.
Mr. Adges has the expertise to help with all the complicated issues surrounding your estate, including:

  • Setting up a will or trust: A will is a written document that itemizes how a person’s property will be distributed after death. If you have a will, any outstanding debts will need to be settled before title can be passed to heirs in probate court. If you have a trust, you decide on a trustee who will hold your property for the benefit of the beneficiaries without the need for probate proceedings. Michael Adges can advise you on which option is the right one for you, and he will set up the document according to all legal requirements.
  • Probate: If your estate must go through probate court before it is passed on to your heirs, you need an attorney like Michael C. Adges to make sure your debts and assets are handled as you want them to be. He understands the legal requirements that protect beneficiary interests during an inheritance.
  • Inheritance disputes: The reading of a will can carry a number of surprises. It is not uncommon for beneficiaries expecting certain items to watch those items go to unexpected or even unknown beneficiaries. Whether you feel the will contains inequities, or if you need to protect your named inheritance, you will need a lawyer to protect your rights. Michael Adges understands the legal issues governing wills and trusts and can work to protect your rights in an inheritance dispute.

In probate matters, a guardian is often appointed to represent the interests of any heirs to the estate who are unknown or cannot be located. When a guardian is needed, The Law Offices of Michael C. Adges has the resources to fulfill the requirements, including these:

  • Appointing the guardian
  • Issuing a surety bond, when one is needed to protect you in certain situations
  • Determining between the need for a guardian who has authority over a person or one with authority over property
  • Establishing public guardianship programs for children or incapacitated adults

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